Thursday, June 6, 2013

Melika's Time

A story about time and space
Among in the fog of love
A woman kissed by heaven’s grace
Was peaceful as a dove

Couldn’t get mad, not able to hate
She’s never told a lie
When help was needed, she wasn’t late
Could she really fly?

Never got what a heart deserves
Smiling she took the blame
Trapped in closed and timelike curves
And then the angels came

Dark matter and dark energy
Were lost before the final chime
Cold universe gave new light free
The restart of Melika's time

© planet4katy  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Melika's Home

Nearby Orion’s greatest light
On Planet Number Seven
There is a town named Summer Bride
Suburb of Lover’s Heaven

Living in peace and harmony
For trouble there’s no way
This world is so amazing free
Melika comes to stay

She is a well respected girl
Born on first day of spring
The people call her Sunset Pearl
She takes the golden ring

Climbing up the stairs of heaven
Looking down on magic scene
At the age of twenty seven
Melika is the youngest queen

© planet4katy  

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Silent Dream

The snow is falling, it’s time of love
A message was sent from high above
The darkest side of planet ground
Will fade away by graceful sound

Sweet dreams are filling lovely night
Eyes of the children shine so bright
All memories of childhood days
Come back to us in many ways

The beating of an angel’s heart
Will lead us to a brand-new start
Hatred won’t come anymore
Our love will open heaven’s door

Please let us sing and let us dance
The world is longing for romance
Let’s stand together like a rhyme
Not only in the Christmas Time