Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lost Memories

The world is calm in times of love
We fly on the wings of a snow-white dove
Magical feelings all around
From far we hear a graceful sound

Sweet dreams are filling lovely night
In the eyes of children we see the light
The fun of our childhood days
Is coming back in many ways

The kindness of an angel’s heart
Will lead us to a brand-new start
Sad feelings won’t come anymore
Our love can open heaven’s door

Just you and I, let’s join our hands
The start of unending romance
We hear a song, a lover’s rhyme
Our dreams are close at Christmas Time

And the day will come that we are thinking
Of our long lost memories
Dreams of the years, we see them twinkling
On all the pretty Christmas Trees

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A World Made For You

Your life is a treasure
The love is your guide
Just take it with pleasure
Great dreams are the light

Feelings deep as the ocean
Never come to an end
Your life is emotion
The world is your friend

When raindrops are falling
From dark clouds above
A heart will be calling
For sweet words of love

You’ll see a red dawning
Then the sky turns to blue
It’s the magical morning
In a world made for you

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Melika's Time

A story about time and space
Among in the fog of love
A woman kissed by heaven’s grace
Was peaceful as a dove

Couldn’t get mad, not able to hate
She’s never told a lie
When help was needed, she wasn’t late
Could she really fly?

Never got what a heart deserves
Smiling she took the blame
Trapped in closed and timelike curves
And then the angels came

Dark matter and dark energy
Were lost before the final chime
Cold universe gave new light free
The restart of Melika's time

© planet4katy